Could Summer 2019 be Just as Cold and Wet as Spring?

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As Mother Nature continues to pound America’s heartland with historic rainfall and below average temperatures, forecasts show she may bear down on the Midwest this summer as well.

A recent report conducted by the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center states that this summer could shape up to be just as cold and wet as spring. The three-month outlook predicts that much of the corn belt will receive both cooler temperatures and above average rainfall in the coming months. 

Temperature Outlook

Rain Outlook


The outlook suggests this summer will be a vast contrast from the drought conditions much of America’s farmland experienced in 2018. In comparison, more than half of the country was experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions this time last year.


To date, very few states have seen dry conditions in May with only Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia and South Carolina given a D1 Moderate Drought rating.


To check out how much rain has fallen in your region within the last week, month or year, visit the AgWeb Cumulative Rainfall Map.

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