Country Stars Sing about Canadian Drought for Fans on Facebook

Making the best of dry weather, brothers sing “I Got No Grain In Dry Places.”
( Hunter Brothers )

As ongoing drought grips parts of western Canada, five rising country stars used the break from spraying while waiting for rains to share the perils of agriculture with their fans via song. Sung to the tune of Garth Brook’s “I Got Friends In Low Places,” the sibling country band the Hunter Brothers is shining light on the dry farming conditions across North America with their song “I Got No Grain In Dry Places.”

Performed on their family’s farm in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, the Hunter Brothers took to Facebook Live to promote their creative farm-based single, “I Got No Grain In Dry Places.”

Starting the video off with “Sinking Problem,” a spin on “Drinking Problem” performed by the band, Midland, the lyrics tell the story many crop farmers are facing with today’s dry weather conditions.

“This year is a different kind of farming problem, because the rain won’t fall.”

A verse many farmers can relate to, the band goes on to sing about how drought is affecting crops across the U.S. and Canada. Commenting on their live Facebook video, the Hunter Brothers sympathized with other farmers facing drought, saying, “We have crop that has been seeded for almost a month that is still sitting in dry dirt.”

When they’re not riding in a tractor, Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock and Dusty Hunter can be found singing on their farm and at festivals across Western Canada. Releasing their debut album Getaway in March, 2017, the brothers have had five Top-40 radio hits in Canada, including the Top 10 song “Born and Raised.” With an active presence on social media, videos like this helped lead the brothers to their first Canadian Country Music Association nomination last year for “Interactive Artist Of The Year”.

As they ended the video, the brothers made sure to give a shout-out to other farmers facing their same problem. “To our fellow farmers where it is very dry, our hearts are with you, stay strong. Where it is very wet, please send the rain our way.”


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