Cow Cuddles: Mooing for Moola

( SparkPost )

Moo-ve over, goat yoga. Cows are the trendy new comfort animal. Researchers have long established animals can help lower stress levels, according to recent research by PubMed. And now businesses like Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York, are banking on cow cuddling as a new profit center, according to the farm’s website

The Horse and Cow Experience allows visitors to cuddle and spend quality time with the farm’s cows and miniature horses. Sessions start at $75 for two participants to udderly adore these bovine beauties. 

“Spend quality time with our cows and miniature horses: brushing, petting, playing, sharing space or snuggling up to the cows while they are lying down,” the website states.

The cows are a cross-breed of Scottish Highlanders, and they sport long, shaggy coats and a “friendly character.”

But not all cows are taking this new job lying down. The website offers this humorous caveat: “It's a fun and very relaxing experience. We can't guarantee that the cows will be lying down. It's not a trained skill but their natural behavior, and that may or may not happen.” 

Does this story give you a sense of deja-moo? When AgWeb originally reported on this story in 2018, cow cuddling sessions were selling for as much as $300 for a 90-minute session. No bull!

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