#CowAppreciationDay: Seven Easy Cow Costume Ideas

It’s #CowAppreciationDay! If you let today sneak up you, or maybe you don’t have a shirt you’re willing to paint cow spots onto, we’ve got you covered.  We found the simplest instructions involving everyday household and office supplies.  


Cow costume


Use a white trash bag, black permanent marker, and scissors to make the body.  Instructions here.



Tin Can



Convert a tin can and string into a fun cowbell.  Instructions here.






Or, tie some string to this printable mask template.  Instructions here





With string and a bit of creativity, you can even turn a foam cup in an adorable cow hat. Instructions here.





If you’re missing face paint, add some finishing touches with this homemade face paint recipe here.


Cow ears



Cow ears are a must, so use this template to attach just about any material to a headband.  Instructions here.




Of course, you’ll need these printable “EAT MOR CHIKIN” signs.  Templates here.

As an agriculture industry, much of our livelihood involves cattle.  We owe them a day of celebration!  Why miss out when a costume can be so simple?!