Crash kills animal that competed at World Dairy Expo

The excitement of World Dairy Expo was cut short for some attendees after a distracted driver sent a trailer into the ditch on Saturday night, resulting in the death of a prize-winning animal.

Madison, Wis., police cited a 26-year-old woman for inattentive driving. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the woman's decision to read a text message while driving led her to swerve into the cattle trailer, causing it to crash into a ditch and overturn.

The accident occurred on the Highway 12/18 Beltline in southern Madison, just six miles from the Expo fairgrounds.

Police have reported that the truck, driven by a man from Hastings, Minn., was hauling eight prize-winning cattle valued at $500,000. Seven of the eight animals survived the crash.

Initial reports were that all of the animals in the trailer were Jerseys. But new reports on Facebook indicate the animal that was killed may have been a Red &; White heifer.

Click here to read more from the Wisconsin State Journal.



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