Dairy Employees Take Break from Farming to Play Soccer in South Dakota

Sioux River Dairy, the winning team of the Alltech Yea-Sacc Cup.
( Alltech )

The World Cup is about to wrap up as France takes on Croatia in the championship game, but prior to that a group dairy farm employees played for their own championship cup.

Ten teams of dairy employees competed in the 7th annual Family Dairy Day soccer tournament this June hosted by Alltech in Brookings, South Dakota. Winning the tournament title and walking away with the Alltech Yea-Sacc Cup this year was Sioux River Dairy.

Team building, fellowship and the love of the game were just a few of the takeaways from the tournament that attracted nearly 200 attendees to Pioneer Park.

“We’ve always enjoyed the teamwork aspect and seeing the other side of people that you don’t always get to see at work,” says David Elliott, operations manager at Drumgoon Dairy. “I think it translates well when you’re working on the farm, like when we cover our silage pile - that will take teamwork and organization, just like it does on the soccer field.”

Producers were happy to have a team building opportunity off the farm and to see their employees play together.

“Our guys look forward to this every year - it’s not only for the employees, but for the employers as well,” says Nicolien Hammink, owner of Hammink Dairy. “We are able to get on a different level with our employees than at work.”

In addition to the trophy the dairy will also get a pizza party hosted by Alltech.

“Alltech is proud to host the soccer tournament to help drive community and team comradery and to support a positive environment for the dairies, the industry as a whole and their work-force,” says Jonathan Hardt, regional sales manager for the Alltech South Dakota region.