Dairy Farmers Loud and Proud on #NationalFarmersDay

Every day is an important day to thank dairy farmers for their hard work, but today is especially important.
( Tiashoke Farm (Facebook) )

October 12 is National Farmer’s Day and some dairy farmers are sharing their story on social media. Scroll down to take a look at some of these popular posts:


Making their way to New York City, several dairy farmers made an appearance on the Today Show to showcase their farming pride along with promoting the dairy industry.

Adam Thielen, a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, took time to raise a glass of milk to dairy farmers.

Ryan Bright made sure to share a video of ‘milking time’ on his farm in Tennessee.

Tracy Mitchel, like many other farmers, used a temporary profile picture sticker to share her love for farmers.

“Thank you for allowing us and trusting us to provide food for your families!” said Tiashoke Farm in their Facebok


Posting some history, Logan Courtney shared his pride for his family’s farming roots that are 200 years deep.

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