Dairy farmers respond to latest abuse video

The animal-rights group Mercy for Animals released graphic footage this week of employees at the E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas, bludgeoning sick and injured calves.

Dairy farmers across the country are speaking out. And, regardless of where the person is located, the theme has been outrage, anger and disappointment towards those committing the abuse.

Ray Prock, Jr. of Ray-Lin Dairy in California had this to say in a recent blog post, "This afternoon, I learned of another undercover video of animal abuse in agriculture and, quite honestly, I feel let down by fellow animal caretakers. I am as horrified as ever that some of the things caught on tape are even happening in agriculture today. There are proper means to euthanize animals to end their suffering; using a hand tool to prolong that suffering is not proper or ethical.

"Many farmers like myself and my family spend long hours caring for our animals the proper way only to have one bad actor ruin it for thousands. I personally have given up sleep and meals to make sure the cows came first. I know farmers who brave some of the worst weather known to mankind to rescue animals, and the thanks we get from another caretaker of animals is a slap in the face. I hope anyone found guilty of any wrongdoing faces the maximum punishment possible." For more, read Is going Vegan the answer to animal abuse?

Zweber Family Dairy Farm in Minnesota says, "On our farm, animal care is our number one priority. We care for all their needs often before our own. What was shown in the video was not right, and those involved should not be farming and caring for animals. We teach our children at a young age that animals need to be treated with the most care and respect we can give them." For more, read Calf and Animal Care is our Number One!

Orange Patch Dairy in Minnesota posted, "It was really hard for me to watch such pain and disrespect for these calves. Heart-wrenching doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. I wanted to reach through the screen at take a swing at the abusers! Every day, dairy farmers like myself work diligently, putting the care of our calves and cows first, most times before our own care. It is a black eye on our industry when another situation like this is found. Abuse of this nature is not commonplace in our industry, even though some activists would lead you to believe this. Orange Patch Dairy and other dairies across the nation strive everyday to improve the care we give our animals." For more, read Too mad to go to bed!

Mike Haley, a fifth-generation grain and cattle farmer from Ohio, had this to say, "I just watched a horrific video filmed by a vegan activist group about how one farm very clearly did not care for the welfare and health of the dairy calves.  I just want to say that I am outraged; nobody should treat an animal in the manner that was depicted in the short video, and everyone involved in the malicious acts should be penalized for their actions." For more, read No Mercy for Animal Abuse

Michele Payn-Knoper, a professional agricultural speaker based in Lebanon, Ind., said, "Today marks the release of yet another nasty video. One more portrayal of animal abuse. Another one that makes me cry.  You might be surprised that I"m not numb after a decade of monitoring the animal-rights videos. Simply put, they make me sick.

"I shed tears because this is B.S. that is so unfair to the great people who work their rears off to bring you milk, cheese, ice cream, etc. No dairy farmer that I know is looking for your pity, but I want to be sure food consumers understand that making milk is a 365 day/year commitment. A person is a part of the dairy business because they love it. It creeps into your soul as though you have no choice. And that love is the singular guiding factor when equipment breaks down at 3 a.m., a cow needs your help regardless of the family event you planned six months ago and your business operates in the red for six months because milk prices stink (again)." For more, read The Tears I"ve Shed… Animal Abuse

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