Dairy MAX and Western Dairy Association Join Forces

Dairy MAX merges with Western Dairy Association
( Dairy MAX )

Combining their efforts to promote the dairy industry, Dairy MAX and the Western Dairy Association have merged to represent more than 900 dairy farmers across seven states.

Working with organizations like the National Dairy Council and Milk Processor Education Program (Milk PEP) to highlight dairy farming, these two dairy councils will soon become one and will be known as Dairy MAX.

Focusing on industry image, consumer communications and business development, the newly merged Dairy MAX will represent dairy farmers in Colorado, southwest Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.

“Dairy MAX highlights the importance of American agriculture and dairy farming, helping to grow impact in our communities year after year,” said Mike Konkle, CEO of Dairy MAX. “We believe that dairy products are simple solutions to everyday hunger, nutrition and dietary needs – and that’s a key message we’re committed to sharing as part of the newly shaped Dairy MAX.”

With the merger, dairy farmers in this region will benefit from increased positive exposure to the general public. Working with local schools, attending public events and creating social media campaigns, Dairy MAX hopes to provide educational information to improve the public’s perception of dairy farming.


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