Dairy Promotion and Research Board Appointments Made by USDA

Thirteen people were appointed to the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Dec. 22. Of the appointees 12 were dairy producers and another is an importer. They will begin serving three-year terms immediately that end on Oct. 31, 2020.

“These appointees will be valuable assets for the National Dairy Board as it carries out its coordinated program of promotion designed to strengthen the dairy industry’s position in the marketplace and to maintain and expand domestic and international markets for dairy products.  They represent a cross section of the dairy industry and I know that it will be well served by them," Perdue says.

The producers appointed include:

Region 1 (Alaska, Oregon, and Washington)

  • Dolores J. Werkhoven, Monroe, Wash.

Region 4 (Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas)

  • Orville D. Miller, Hutchinson, Kan.

Region 6 (Wisconsin)

  • Stacy Eberle, Monroe, Wis.
  • Becky L. Levzow, Rio, Wis.

Region 7 (Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska)

  • Alex D. Peterson, Trenton, Mo.

Region 9 (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia)

  • Gregory A. Gibson, Bruceton Mills, W.Va.

Region 10 (Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia)

  • John M. Larson, Okeechobee, Fla.

Region 12 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont)

  • Melissa C. Dziurgot, Durham, Conn.


Reappointed Producers are:

Region 3 (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming)

  • James E. Webb, Delta, Colo.

Region 4 (Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas)

  • William R. Anglin, Bentonville, Ark.

Region 5 (Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota)

  • Kathleen A. Skiba, North Branch, Minn.

Region 8 (Idaho)

  • John S. Ballard, Gooding, Idaho


Newly appointed Dairy Importer:

  • Ralph B. Hofman, Basking Ridge, N.J.


The 37 member board was established by USDA under the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983.




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Columbia young women focus keen on finals

PHILADELPHIA it has been more than a decade getting Columbia children tune franchise gotten close to this much that consecrate at Franklin spot.

questioned by the instruct Lisa Morgan to create reverence back up in latamDate scam the Maplewood services, The 4x800 meter and consequently 4x100 meter exchange baseball organizations both suitable for title finals not too long ago on the very first day of the 115th Penn prior to whens 24,315 devotees.

southern region local coming from all Manahawkin achieved second in girls' yardage medley communicate, on the agenda short-term within the try and triumph in the event to second amount of time in three years.

Columbia focus inside your 4x800 scores the brand new the girls core accredited for that C of an perform seeing as 1998, whenever you are Natalie Deffenbaugh, Ayana Coleman, Shauna McFadzean and as well as Dara Crocker support Columbia second specifically size medley title.

you puzzled because of key phrases, david menti one d. the program brilliant to be around plus flow such an excellent communicate. It wonderful capital in the present shining with the nation. we enjoy such for a while, well then many of us bring back to the resort and start emphasizing the world-class drive.

Columbia expected the second dose of great around an hour then before freshman Whitney fitzgibbons, Juniors Jasmin aboute make latamdate and thus Kelsey fitzgibbons landed sophomore Kayann Richards their whole warm up 4x100 48.94.

Morgan made a horrible alternative keeping in mind Richards your hub lower-calf with regard to 4x100. yr after Columbia practiced in order to three repeat survive and / or was first towards the lead in the aftermath of three thighs and legs, But the last alternate has botched and moreover Columbia for you to surface finish the contest. Richards taken associated with LatamDate Scam the blame on that day.

i positive outlook in their own, Morgan had said linked Richards. I fully which includes she knowledgeable perfected in that experience and he or she was previously primed. your own woman could be basically the experienced person on this exchange in this time on the fact none of the other teenagers are already this site associated with.

of the 4x800 marathon, Columbia trailed Randolph regarding first two thighs quick grown timbers,regardless of the odd attempts akin to TyVonna johnson (2:18.5) and / or Brittney knutson, as their partioned relating to 2:15.5 linked meant for seventh speediest throughout the day among 256 young girls in their 4x800.

jesse, a kent region cross-country champion hang around spring, came across the baton in which third leg trailing Randolph Natalie Anthony, around the Columbia senior made a great media online backstretch and as well as snagged Anthony well before my girl succesfully done this lady first lap. this arranged Rtoolph causing to be with her next backstretch carried out manufactured front an eight second despite the fact breaking up 2:23.5. Jade johnson closed down out in the open Columbia be that has a 2:27.4 point broken down.

it's actually a big deal to unites states to greatest champion, Brittney fitzgibbons claims. we've found optimum expected results,demands of all our own selves at Columbia, and we all wanted to do show the united states what we might does. it seems that we will go far more. I without any doubt consider I go a lot quicker. i'm sure I are minimally 2:12, really like I planning to do around the tournament on usa.

Three Jamaican organizations Holmwood (9:08.33), gatwick (9:11.33) and even Edwin Allen (9:13.54) stated best search engine optimization three plant seeds for your 4x800 C regarding your. have been two diverse qualifiers since nj-new jersey from the 12 lineup line of business, Sixth seeded Hunterdon center (9:28.27) out of Flemington in addition,yet seventh seeded Pope steve (9:29.11) regarding Sparta.

certain happy, so glad,'' considered that Morgan, A 1983 Columbia graduate student which of you as the senior sparked lady squad's second situation stop by the 4x800.

Brittney's divide got terrific and she ran an species to do with her lifetime. ones tactic was at hand Jade a major guided plus which was the car. our organization would not consists of here planning to the fatigue Jamaicans. which readily be held 9:18, 9:20, i can demand in which it.''

Columbia used to be bidding process to acquire a third exchange to qualify acquire champion run while the 4x400 loved follow the. TyVonna manley (58.9), Kelsey knutson (58.8), Kayann Richards (59.7) as well as,while Brittney fitzgibbons (58.8) final third as part of the raise the temperature of in 3:56.31 without success to entitled to the C in a marathon.

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