Dairy Replacement Values May Eventually Spike

Heifers in a feedline. ( Maureen Hanson )

Although Holstein heifer prices currently sit at historic lows, dairy analyst Sarina Sharp with the Daily Dairy Report predicts an eventual and healthy recovery.

“The U.S. dairy herd has been shrinking, and so has the supply of young stock that will fill milk parlors in the years to come,” said Sharp. “When dairy producers are eventually ready to expand again, their ambitions could be restricted by biology.”

That may mean good news for the bottom lines of those operations that have heifers available to sell.

Meanwhile, current springer values were stable to slightly higher – and Holstein heifer calves significantly higher – in all reported markets in the past month.

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Springing Heifers

 Heifer Calves

Location (sale date)



90-120 pounds

Turlock, Calif. (3-22-19)


 $ 800-975


Stratford, Wis. (3-26-19)


  $ 500-800

$ 40-100

Sulphur Springs, Texas (3-7-19)                          


         $ 600-800

      $ 45-160

New Holland, Pa. (3-27-19)


  $ 750-1,075

      $ 75-100