Dairy Report: Canada's Profitability; Consumers and Plant Milk Labels

The Dairy Report 10/16/18

Consumers claim to know where plant based milk comes from and Canadian dairy producers are concerned about the profitability of their operations should a new trade deal with the U.S. go through.

In this week’s Dairy Report from AgDay learn about what consumers told the Lincoln Park Strategies for the International Food Information Council in a study about milk consumption. The study had interesting findings like 9% of consumers think plant-based beverages contain cow’s milk. However, 75% reported knowing that soy milk and almond milk do not contain cow’s milk.

Meanwhile, in Canada dairy producers are worried that the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USCMA) will negatively impact their profitability. Harry Van Der Linden, President of Holstein Canada, tells AgDay that USMCA will impact the country’s supply management system by cutting quota.

“At the farm level anytime there is quota cut…we lose access to the market,” Van Der Linden says.

For more on these stories watch the above video from AgDay.