Dairy Report: CFAP Payments Issued, Cows Require Adequate Sleep

The Dairy Report 070720

Under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, dairy farmers have now received $1 billion dollars in payments. Payments were made to 17,633 farmers, according to the latest numbers from USDA. The average payment per farm is just under $60,000.

Wisconsin is continuing to lead the nation in the number and amount of CFAP payments, with more than 4,500 farmers there receiving payments. California comes in second.

The National Milk Producers Federation is continuing to lobby USDA to increase payment caps to dairy farmers.

Cows Need Naps, Too

Sleep. It's something we all need but we often don't get enough of it. Apparently, adequate shut eye can be an issue for dairy cattle, too. Researchers say rest plays a significant role when it comes to milk production. 

Researchers for the William "H" Miner Agriculture Research Institute looked into it. They say dairy cattle that are sleep deprived can begin to have lower milk production and poor hoof health among other problems. They estimate cattle need a minimum of 12.5 hours of lying time per day to meet their energy needs. Researchers say every hour of rest lost equates to 2.2 pounds of milk loss per cow.

They recommend evaluating stall width and inspecting stall competition in order to free up more space for cows so they can spend more time laying down.