Dairy Report: WI Tackling Farm Crisis, Dairy Could Cut Health Costs

Dairy Report 012820
Dairy at sunset. ( Pixabay )

Governor Unveils Plan to Tackle Wisconsin's Farm Crisis

Wisconsin's Governor wants to tackle the state's farm crisis. He's calling for a special session of the state's legislature as part of a three-prong attack. It follows a record number of farm bankruptcies and farmer suicides in the state.

Democratic Governor Tony Evers action to help farmers. He noted in his state of the state address that Wisconsin loses an average of two dairy farms a day. He called for the special session to begin this week to take up bills that would invest in farmers, agricultural industries and rural communities.

“We’re going to set a goal of increasing Wisconsin’s dairy exports by 20% of the United States’ milk supply by the year 2024,” Evers said. “Additionally, we’re going to expand our farm center and increase staffing at the [University of Wisconsin] extension to ensure that farmers and agriculture industries have partners and support closer to home.”

Republicans who control the state legislature are under no obligation to take up any of the measures, but Republican leaders say they are all looking for ways to do better when it comes to ag.

Eating More Dairy Would Lower Health Care Costs

A new study says if Americans would just eat the recommended level of dairy foods each day they could cut their health care costs by 12-billion every year.

That number was published recently in Nutrients 2020. The USDA estimates Americans consume about 1.49 cups of dairy food equivalent each day. That's about half the level recommended.

 According to the study, if Americans would increase their consumption to three cups a day they would see the savings that would come from a reduction in strokes, hypertension, type two diabetes and colorectal cancer. And if people increased their dairy consumption in low-fat dairy products the health savings would be even more. The study was funded by the National Dairy Council.

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