Daring Dairy Robbers on the Move Steal Milk from Delivery Truck

Pulling up to a parked delivery truck, English robbers make off with six cartons of milk.
( The Sun )

While not exactly a high stakes burglary, one English driver could not believe his eyes as he witnessed a drive-by milk robbery. Leaning out of a moving vehicle, a pair of robbers snatched six cartons of milk from a stopped delivery truck before speeding off with their dairy goods.

During the morning hours in Birmingham, England, two motorists made the decision to pick up their milk from a moving vehicle instead of the grocery store. Pulling up beside a parked dairy delivery truck, the passenger calmly leaned outside of his window, grabbing six cartons of milk before speeding away, according to The Sun, a news company in the UK.

The action was captured by a fellow driver’s cell phone. Caught red-handed, police are now processing the license plate of the vehicle and plan to convict the criminals.


To view the robbery in action, click here.