Deere Revamps 6M Tractors For Comfort, Visibility And Maneuverability

The series is designed for livestock, dairy and diversified ag operations. ( John Deere )

Farmers and livestock producers in the market for a tractor offering high degrees of comfort, visibility, maneuverability and technology will find those benefits and more in the redesigned John Deere 6M Tractors for 2020, available in eight cab models and in a horsepower range of 110 to 195.

“Because of their compact size, wide horsepower range and versatility, the 6M tractors have been a popular power choice for a variety of dairy, livestock, hay and diversified ag customers, as well as roadside mowing and property maintenance, and other off-farm tasks such as snow removal,” says Lyle McMillan, marketing manager for John Deere 6 Family Tractors.

New Cab Style
McMillan says in conversations with farmers during the past few years, improved tractor cab comfort and increased features have been at the top of the list of their requests. In response, the Deere 6M family series cab is newly styled and includes a digital corner post display for improved visibility of machine functions. Options include a panoramic roof, which provides a larger viewing area.

Thoughtful Hood Design
The first thing farmers and livestock producers are likely to notice when they see the updated 6110M and 6120M tractors is their new, sloped-down hood design, which improves operators' visibility by an extra 7.3’ over previous models, says Archie Oestreich, senior marketing representative for John Deere.

“Whether you have a loader on the tractor or not, you can see the nose,” he says. “If you’re moving bales with a loader you can tell not only where the front end of that tractor is but the front of the bale, too.”

A second benefit to the 6110M and 6120M tractors is their increased maneuverability. Oestreich says Deere shortened the wheel base from 101½” to 94½” on both models to give customers a tighter turning radius. “If you’re moving bales or stacking bales inside a barn, you often need to turn on a dime and these tractors do that. They also work great in small pastures where you need to move in and out of them easily,” he notes.

“We’ve also improved ride quality on these two models, thanks to optional front-axle suspension and cab/loader suspension systems,” McMillan adds. “The 6110M and 6120M may be the most versatile haying, feeding and all-around chore tractors we have on the market, ideal for many different types of on-farm and off-farm chores, and these changes make them an even better fit.”

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Intelligent Power Management
McMillan notes that with the 6110, 6120, 6130 and 6140 models, farmers will benefit from what Deere calls its Intelligent Power Management (IPM). “They have a 20 hp boost in PTO or high-speed applications. So you get more of a power punch and horsepower on demand when you need it most,” he says. He adds that the revamped 140-hp 6140M “addresses a sweet-spot in size, horsepower and capabilities that is most often requested by livestock producers and diversified ag operations.”

Other optional new features for the 6M Series Tractors that add to operator comfort and performance include a compact CommandARM for fingertip machine and implement control; up to four electronic selective control valves (E-SCVs); and front hitch and PTO for mounting and operating front-end equipment, according to a John Deere news release.

The new PowrReverser button on the joystick allows operators to change direction of travel without taking their hands off the steering wheel or loader joystick, and the optional hydraulic remote implement latch makes switching loader attachments easier and faster without leaving the cab.

Machines can be ordered loader-ready from the factory and matched with the John Deere 600R Loader. These loaders are designed to be small enough to match the design of the new 6110/6120M tractors and include more LED lights, a curved boom and underslung leveling links that improve overall loader performance for all types of operations. The 600R Loaders have over 4,100 pounds (1,860kg) of lift capacity and 154 inches (3.9m) of lift height with cycle time of less than 6 seconds.

New technology also is available on the 6M models for customers who want the precision guidance, telematics and other features often found in larger or higher spec tractors. This includes factory-installed AutoTrac guidance, available for the first time on the small-frame models, which is a great productivity-enhancing feature for customers using front-mounted and side mowing equipment. Another technology option available is JDLink telematics for fleet management, service updates and maintenance alerts.

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“The 6M Tractors can be ordered with front hitch and PTO, which makes them much more versatile in operating equipment such as snow blowers, front-mounted mowers with rear side-pulls and other front-mounted and powered attachments customers may have,” McMillan notes. “All these new features and options, especially the PowrReverser on the loader joystick and integrated AutoTrac guidance, will be popular with many customers and help make the 6M Tractors the most advanced, productive and durable utility tractor in this category.”

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