DeLaval AMR

DeLaval AMRDeLaval AMR represents the next step of automation for large scale dairy farming – the first automatic milking rotary. 

Cows access the system in the same way as they do in a traditional rotary. Once on the platform the cow is taken to the teat preparation position. The entrance gate includes electronic ID so the cow"s teat positions are pre-stored for the robots to use and the camera to locate. Teats are washed, stimulated, dried and prepared just like in the DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS. The next step is the teat cup attachment and after that the cow moves on until the exit bail position where a last robot sprays her before she is released.  

A typical install will be operated by two robots for teat preparation and another two robots for milking cup attachment.  Additionally, a fifth robot will handle teat disinfection after milking has finished.  This function is fully automatic and sprays each teat independently using a state of the art time of flight camera that sees the teats and locates them in real-time 3D.

The DeLaval AMR performs individual quarter milking so flow rates, total yield, blood and conductivity are all measured for each quarter.  In order to ensure top hygienic conditions during milking, the system comes with an automatic deck flush module. It consists of a scraper blade and water jets. As with traditional rotary milking and VMS, the AMR is able to milk all breeds of cows.  


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