Delivering the "How to" and "Why"

When you took this issue of Dairy Herd Management out of the mailbox I hope you noticed something different: a new logo, different photography, a new look inside. We’ve given Dairy Herd Management a facelift. Here’s why.

First, Dairy Herd Management is now in alignment with other Farm Journal Media publications. Now Dairy Herd Management looks like a part of the Farm Journal family.

Second, we’ve refreshed our content focus. Dairy Herd Management has always been about providing you with the practical business side of dairy farming. That’s not changing, in fact that mission is being reinforced, based on what you told us.

Earlier this year we surveyed readers like you to make sure we were delivering the content you valued most. You told us to focus content in four areas: nutrition, milk quality, reproduction and animal health. So in each issue experts in those fields will deliver information in each of those areas.

Obviously there is more to managing a dairy than those four areas, so you will also find news and information on topics that impact your operation. In many cases, stories will lay a foundation for a specific topic and guide you to more information through digital resources.

Third, our editorial team has changed. After 28 years, Jim Dickrell has resigned as editor. But he’s not going away by any means. He will continue on as Editor Emeritus. You will continue to see regular news and articles from Jim.

Joining Jim and me on the editorial team will be Anna-Lisa Laca and Wyatt Bechtel. Anna-Lisa will bring extensive knowledge and insights on business and financial matters relating to dairy operations, based on her own experiences managing a dairy with her husband in Nevada. Wyatt Bechtel is no stranger to Dairy Herd Management and will continue providing content based on animal health and welfare best practices.

Together this team of editors and columnist experts will strive to provide you with information each month that delivers the “how to” and “why” details of your operation. That goes for whether you’re managing a herd on your own or directing others to do so, regardless of size.

We hope you enjoy and appreciate the investment and commitment we have made to deliver valuable information to your operation. We will continue to evolve but can only do so if you to tell us what you want to see.


Note: This editorial appears in the October 2017 magazine issue of Dairy Herd Management.