DHM How To: Prepare Your Cow For Milking

Prepare Your Cow For Milking
Proper pre-dip protocol helps reduce bacteria levels on the teat prior to milking. ( Mike Opperman )

When cows enter the parlor, there can be a considerable amount of bacteria on their teats. Your milkers need to use the right protocols to apply a pre-dip solution that will help significantly reduce that bacterial load.

With this video we begin a series of eight milk quality tutorials. Our expert, Roger Thomson, DVM, a milk quality consultant with MQ-IQ Consulting, goes through each process of the milking system in detail to provide insights on how to harvest the highest quality milk possible. 

This first video explores what is needed to get the cow ready for milking by applying an approved pre-dip solution. In the next video, Dr. Thomson will explain the advantages of proper stimulation to achieve adequate milk letdown.