Diamond V hosts Iowa governor during Building Iowa's Future tour

Diamond V hosts Iowa governor during Building Iowa's Future tourIowa Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds visited Diamond V on Jan. 17, the second day of a tour announcing their bid to seek re-election. U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley joined the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Iowa House District 95 Representative Quentin Stanerson at the Diamond V South Plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Branstad and Reynolds were leading the "Building Iowa"s Future" Tour, making 14 stops across the state in three days. It was Branstad"s second visit to the Diamond V site, where the South Plant and new headquarters were constructed following a disastrous flood in 2008.

Diamond V President Jeff Cannon welcomed the elected officials and about 50 visitors on the production floor of the plant. Production Vice President Mike Goble provided a brief tour of the Diamond V Original XPC production process.

"Diamond V and its employees have called Iowa home since the company"s inception in 1943," Cannon said. "For 70 years our company has grown and prospered here in Iowa. The new manufacturing facility we are in today is a result of our global success grounded here in Iowa.

"In the last five years," Cannon said, "Diamond V and our related human nutrition company Embria have invested more than $60 million in Iowa facilities and we are planning an expansion to this facility of an additional $30 million, which is expected to create an additional 20 Iowa jobs in the coming years. All of these investments have created more jobs and more security for our families here in Iowa."

Branstad said that same commitment to hard work and focus on the future, together with a commitment to job creation and opportunities for Iowa"s families, inspired his intention to seek re-election as governor of Iowa. He pledged to continue to work hard to build a brighter future for all Iowans: "A future we can build. A future we must build. A future we will build. Together."



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