Don't Become A Victim Of An Undercover Video

Take precautions to prevent an activist from capturing undercover video. ( Farm Journal )

An undercover video showing scenes of animal abuse was taken at Larson Dairy, near Okechobee, Florida. Jacob Larson, who manages the dairy, had no warning, and was caught completely off guard when a phone call from a television reporter alerted him of the video when it appeared online. 

Looking back on the incident, Larson says while there were red flags that should have alerted him to the employee's true intentions, at the time those indicators went unnoticed. 

While it is difficult to avoid becoming the victim of an activist with a strong desire to paint the practices on your dairy in a negative light, there are areas of the dairy you can closely monitor that may identify some of the red flags that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. When it comes to trying to avoid being the victim of an undercover video like Larson Dairy, Jamie Jonker, vice president of sustainability and scientific affairs with the National Milk Producers Federation, says there are two critical focus areas: hiring practices and emphasizing proper protocol compliance. 

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