Don’t Ignore Heat Stress

(On this map, yellow represents high risk, orange represents the “danger zone” and red is used to note areas will the heat will reach emergency levels.) ( USDA )

The dog days of summer are upon us. In fact, USDA meteorologists suggest parts of the upper Midwest and northeast could experience temperatures that land them in the categories of “high alert,” “danger zone” and “emergency.” 

When temperatures reach this level it’s critical to take them serious. Don’t let your business wilt in the heat. Check out these stories that can help:

Six Ways To Manage Heat Stress

Calves in hutches need extra care when it's hot.

Heat Stress Affects Unborn Calves

Heat stress during gestation has a lifelong impact.

A Hotbed of Heat Stress

Holding pens can exasperate problems.

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke: Protecting Yourself and Your Employees

For those whose livelihood depends upon working outdoors or in less than favorable conditions, the coming weeks look to be quite difficult with higher than normal temperatures and humidity predicted.