Dry hydrants for on-farm use

Dry hydrants for on-farm use Most farms do not have an on-site public water supply that can be used by firefighters. A dry hydrant may be an option in those situations. A dry hydrant is a standpipe with a standard hydrant connection that leads to a farm pond or natural water source.

"Many farms have an advantage over other rural residences because there are farm ponds that were originally built to provide water for cattle and other agricultural activities," says Dean Ross, an agrosecurity and dairy farm management consultant based in Michigan. "Dry hydrants are set up to allow for that water to be used by first-responders."

Installation of a dry hydrant is not that difficult, but you may need approval to install one, so talk to your local fire department first. Irrigation from other large wells found on farms also may be an option for emergency use.

For more information: Type "Barn fire prevention tips" into the "Search" box at dairyherd.com.



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