ECALogix System

ECALogix SystemThe Value: As dairy farms get larger, their ability to defend and control their operations against harmful micro-organisms becomes even more critical. The ECAlogix™ System (ECA = Electro-chemical activation) technology delivers a new level of dairy hygiene protection, providing solutions created on-site, with superior germicidal efficacy, at a fraction of the cost of current germicidal alternatives.

ECALogix SystemThe ECAlogix™ System makes it possible to create a large amount of base disinfectant (ECAcept Concentrate) for literally pennies a gallon! Once produced, ECAcept Concentrate can be used on a wide variety of on-dairy applications from animal hygiene, facility hygiene and water treatment purposes. Either blended with proprietary ECAcept Additives, or used in diluted form, the ECAlogix System provides huge bottom line savings and operational efficiencies.

The Technology:   The ECAlogix System applies a technology commonly used in municipal water treatment applications (ECA - Electro-chemical activation) and scales it to on-farm uses.  Using ECA as its base, the system passes an aqueous brine solution (salt + water) through a patented electrolytic cell, adds power and converts the solution into a combination of chlorine compounds, creating large amounts of a germicidally active solution. These chlorine compounds have been proven to be many times more germicidally active than common chlorine bleach.

ECALogix System

ECALogix System

Food Quality, Safety and Animal Wellness
Today"s consumer demands that the food product that they purchase be of the highest quality and safe to eat or drink. For years dairy producers have strived to make their product of the highest quality, with special attention to food safety and animal wellness. Now with the ZUREX PharmAgra ECAlogix technology dairy producers are able accomplish these goals, with better tools, at a fraction of the cost!


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  • Hoof treatment studies                       -               Iowa State University
  • Germicidal efficacy studies                -               Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene


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