Ecotricity Becomes First “Vegan Electricity” Company

Working with The Vegan Society, Ecotricity has recently become the first certified vegan supplier of electricity in the UK.
( Ecotricity )

With more consumers making the switch to plant-based products, could “vegan electricity” become the next big trend? Ecotricity, an energy company based out of the United Kingdom, has become the first certified vegan supplier of electricity, causing some consumers to turn off the lights on conventional energy production all together.

Anaerobic digestion along with biomass production have commonly been the two main sources of energy throughout the UK, according to Ecotricity. Working to produce energy without the use of animals or animal by-products, the vegan certified company is going beyond today’s green energy movement and harnessing power solely from solar, wind, wave and tidal sources.

Teaming up with The Vegan Society, Ecotricity has become the only energy supplier in the UK to remove animal by-products from their energy production.

“Animal farming is a greater contributor to climate change than transport,” claims The Vegan Society. “It's destroying precious habitats, both here (in the UK) and in the Amazon.”

However, the Environment Production Agency states that capturing methane is important because methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change if allowed to escape to the atmosphere.

Anaerobic digestion is the process where plant and animal material is converted into useful products by micro-organisms in the absence of air, according to Cornell University. To reduce methane emissions, manure can be collected and maintained in an anaerobic environment and biogas is collected and used.

The use of digestors is becoming more common for dairy and swine farmers as a means to produce energy, bedding and fertilizer for their operation.

Ecoctricity claims switching to “vegan electricity” supports ethical energy production.

“If you switch to vegan energy, you can be sure your energy bills don’t support factory farming or the unethical treatment of animals. Instead, you’ll get animal free, 100% green, ethical energy,” reports the company’s website.

Supplying green energy to over 200,000 customers across the UK, Ecotricity may be serving more consumers if “vegan electricity” has a surge in popularity.

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