Families Unable to Show at Cancelled World Dairy Expo: “Until Next Year”

( Courtesy: Nick Sarbacker )

Mackinson Dairy Farm

One quick walk is all Mary Mackinson Faber needs to point out the list of cattle that have been to World Dairy Expo.

“She’s been shown,” says Mackinson Faber as she points to a cow in the barn. “That red one [has been shown].”

The family who owns Mackinson Dairy Farm near Pontiac, Illinois has been there many times to exhibit their cattle and genetics.

“[The highlight growing up was] getting to miss school and then walking around and seeing cattle,” says Mackinson Faber. “[That includes] walking through the trade show.”

The family has even placed in the top ten at World Dairy Expo in years past.

“Another great memory was walking on the colored shavings for the very first time, such a goal of mine,” says Mackinson Faber. “I was honored to say I was able to bring home a medal.”

Now, the wish is to attend next year with all of the kids, her nieces and nephews and some calves.

“Last year, they were able to do the same things we did as little kids,” says Mackinson Faber. “[That includes] walking around, seeing some of the the top cows in the industry.”

Heritage Holsteins

Nick Sarbacker is the owner of Heritage Holsteins, near Whitewater, Wisconsin has been to World Dairy Expo since he was a kid. Now, he attends expo to exhibit and display his elite show animals and promote their genetics.

"We exhibited cattle with my family, my parents [and] my grandparents ever since I was young,” says Sarbacker. “I guess this is the first year we won't be going to World Dairy Expo."

His girls are already planning for next October, taking care of this yearling they want to bring and new memories they'll make.
“They aren't old enough to show there yet but they've been coming with us [to exhibit] our animals and helping us at the show ever since they were young as well,” says Sarbacker.

“I remember it was bigger than state show or district show because [it had] people from different countries. I’m sad we don’t get to do it this year but I’m excited to do it next year though,” says fourth grader, Madison Sarbacker.

These two dairies will wait for now to see their friends, customers and enjoy the comradery.

“Until next year, it will be even bigger and better,” says Mackinson Faber.

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