FARM Program New Hire Checklist

( FARM )

Bringing on a new employee requires more than just signing them up and slotting them into a shift. The training and documentation you complete when a new person is hired is important for the stability of your business, and could significantly impact the longevity and productivity of each new hire.

The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program, a service of the National Milk Producers Federation, provides a New Hire Checklist among its many Workforce Development tools for dairy producers.

Included on the checklist are many first-day details that may seem obvious to those working on the dairy, but are important information for a new hire, such as where to park and whom to ask for when they arrive. Also listed are what the person should wear, what documents to bring with them, and what time to arrive for work.

Suggested first-day details to address after new hires report for duty include:

  1. Introduce the farm’s mission, vision, culture and identity
  2. Review new hire paperwork
  3. Review company policies and procedures
  4. Discuss time sheets and pay schedule
  5. Review benefits and related forms
  6. Review job responsibilities
  7. Provide personal equipment they will need on the job
  8. Conduct a welcome and walking tour of the entire facility
  9. Schedule or conduct safety and job training

The FARM Workforce Development templates include several other helpful documents, such as job application templates; suggested interview questions; an employee training log; and a safety incident report form.

Workforce Development is one of four key components of the FARM program, along with Animal Care, Environmental Stewardship and Antibiotic Stewardship. You can learn more about the entire FARM program here.