Farm Sense: The Most Peaceful Place on Earth is the Combine Cab

@burbur25 shared this photo of his co-pilot for #harvest18 ( @burbur25 via Twitter )

The jump seat in the combine cab is the most peaceful place on earth. It must be, according to the steady stream of pictures flowing on social media this harvest season of blurry-eyed, pint-sized assistants being overcome by the power of the cab.


AgDay’s Clinton Griffiths takes a look at the power and grace of the cab nap in this week’s Farm Sense.

Submitted by robert on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 10:06

my youngest daughter (now 40 and with a little one of her own) packed a lunch and spent many,many days in the tractor cab from about 3 till her legs got to long to curl up in there. Its a fond memory for me and her.