Feed Truck Starts Barn Fire at Washington State University Dairy

Wildfire ( MGN Image )

Used to feed approximately 180-cows a day, a feed truck at the Washington State University Knott Dairy Farm caused a dangerous accident that could have proven deadly.

Catching fire inside the facility’s freestall barn, farm employees quickly released the animals from the barn allowing them to escape the flames. Fortunately, no animals, students or employees were harmed.

Whitman County Fire District 12 Chief Lester Erwin said the fire likely began when an employee tried to start the truck, causing the starter to put out sparks beneath the vehicle and ignite hay on the ground below, according to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

The flames burned the engine compartment and the cab and caused minor damage to the metal barn, according to PullmanRadio.

Separate from the facility’s freestall barn, this accident comes after the University’s $150,000parlor upgrade completed in 2015.The remodel was the parlor’s first modernization since 1983. 

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