Five dairy stories to make you smile

( Dairy Herd Management )

Take a minute to appreciate 2018 with these dairy farming tales that will lift your spirits.

5. A radical rescue

cowrescueWisconsin Firefighters got a mo(oo)ving request this year when two precocious cows found themselves in deep doo-doo — literally. The curious cattle found themselves stuck in an underground manure storage pit connected next to a dairy barn. Never fear! These dairy cows were hoisted to freedom thanks to first responders from the Waunakee Fire Department. Read about the dramatic rescue here.

4. Dance away the dairy blues

danceoffMilk prices may be nothing to celebrate, but dancing is good for the soul, as these dairy farmers discovered. In an effort to lift the spirits of their fellow farmers, Katie Dotterer-Pyle and Jessica Peters decided to "Shake It Off," launching the movement #DairyDanceOff.

Their joyous take on a trying time inspired others to put on their dancing boots and shake a tail feather. Check out more of the delightful #DairyDanceOffs here.

3. Food pantries: Got milk?

10gallThe answer is “yes,” thanks to the #10GallonChallenge launched by Wisconsin Farm Broadcaster Ty Higgins. With two groups in mind — local families needing support from food pantries and struggling dairy farmers — Higgins launched a video that’s since gone viral that encouraged consumers to buy 10 gallons of dairy and donate it to their local food pantry. Read more about the #10GallonChallenge here.

2. A teen and her cow

teenandcowSometimes our best friends just happen to have hooves and udders. That’s why 16-year-old Lauren Siemers of Kiel, Wisc., took to social media to defend her cattle — and her lifestyle growing up on her family’s 2,500-cow dairy. When a cyberbully started sending Siemers private messages stating that dairy farmers “lack morals, empathy, respect for life and farm purely for profit,” Siemers demonstrated poise beyond her years with her response.

“If my favorite girl in the barn could talk, I’m confident that she would tell a very different story about the modern-day dairy farmer than a member of PETA would,” Siemers wrote in her post.

See how the dairy community responded here.

1. The dirtiest job

roweYou know the crazy, gross, wonderful glory that is a cesarean section. And thanks to Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe and Mike and Sue McCloskey, owner of Fair Oaks Farm, Discovery Channel viewers have witnessed this dirty job too. McCloskey, a veterinarian as well as a dairy farmer, invited Rowe to assist in the surgery. Rowe held the uterus as McCloskey pulled the calf out and stitched the cow back up, and the rest is television history. 

“There was blood and it was crazy and filthy and completely not what the Discovery Channel in 2008 was all about,” he said. Watch Rowe describe the experience in the video here.