Frontier Equipment introduces new DC1000 Disc Mower Caddy

Frontier Equipment has introduced its new DC1000 Disc Mower Caddy. This attachment is ideal for customers who have small-sized cab tractors that lack the 3-point hitch-lift capacity to carry a disc mower.

"For part-time producers, or customers who only have one tractor dedicated to all of their hay work, the disc mower caddy also eliminates difficult tractor connections and disconnections of their 3-point disc mower," says Michael Horrell, Frontier Equipment sales and marketing manager. "With the DC1000 you can simply drop a hitch pin into the caddy, connect the hydraulic hoses, and you're ready to mow."

The disc mower caddy comes in handy when you're working in small, irregular-shaped hay fields.

"With the DC1000 you can make sharp turns with ease," says Horrell. "Plus, because the mower extends further behind the tractor, it gives you more stopping time, which is beneficial in avoiding hard-to-see field obstacles."

The DC1000 comes equipped with an adjustable clevis tongue so you can match the implement to the tractor drawbar height. A hydraulic-lift 3-point hitch is standard equipment and includes a cylinder, hoses, and tips that make raising and lowering disc mowers more convenient. An equal angle Category IV 540-rpm PTO driveline is also provided to handle the torque load of disc mower use. The caddy rides on a pair of durable ribbed implement tires. The DC1000 is compatible with most disc mowers.

Frontier Equipment is a select line of reliable farm, commercial, and consumer equipment, complementary to John Deere products, sold exclusively by John Deere dealers to provide customers one-stop shopping for all their equipment, parts, and service needs. For more information about Frontier Equipment visit

Source: John Deere news release



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