GENEX Launches Unique Jersey Indexes

Source: GENEX

GENEX will release its Ideal Commercial Cow $ index for Jersey cattle with the December sire summary.

The ICC$ index for Jerseys is comprised of three sub-indexes: Cheese Maximizer, Sustainability and Fertility. Producers can easily customize their genetic selection by first selecting for the ICC$ index and then narrowing their emphasis to a specific sub-index. 

“Development of this ICC$ index for Jerseys was driven by our members and customers demanding a comprehensive index that specifically looked at genetic selection for their commercial operations,” explains Huub te Plate, GENEX Chief Operating Officer.

GENEX also released two proprietary traits for Jersey cattle: Age at First Calving (AAFC) and Calf Survivability (CSRV). These traits, calculated by GENEX, are the first of their kind in the industry and are included in the ICC$ index for Jerseys. AAFC highlights the importance of daughter fertility within the breed; heifers calving in early equals bottom-line profit. CSRV brings awareness to genetics that breed hardiness and survivability into newborn calves.

The ICC$ index, AAFC and CSRV values are available on all GENEX Jersey sires and included in the sire catalog. For more information, visit