Group plans to build large dairy complexes

A team that combines an innovative livestock waste management company with a couple of top-notch dairy producers plans to develop, own and operate a number of large dairy facilities.

The joint venture project between Dairy Park LLC, a subsidiary of Bion Environmental Technologies, and dairy producers Mike McCloskey and Timothy C. denDulk plans to build two or four dairy complexes ranging in size from 10,000 cow to 50,000 cows over the next three years. The sites are yet to be determined.

Interested dairy producers will be able to use the state-of-the-art facilities under a 10-year triple-net lease. This allows them to focus their capital on herd development and enter a facility designed to meet their needs and environmental regulations without having to foot the bill.

Bion will provide the technology for the waste management systems, secure financing, develop the leases and provide independent management. McCloskey and denDulk will be in charge of site selection and development, lease terms, recruiting dairy producers and management of the facilities.

David Mitchell, Chairman and CEO of Bion, told Business Wire that, "The complexes envisioned by Bion and the McCloskey/den Dulk partnership represent a significant shift in the economics of dairy farming and milk production. The availability of a turnkey facility will enable dairy farmers to concentrate their capital resources on herd development instead of land and equipment, marketing and waste management expenses."

"We are very pleased to be entering into this joint venture with partners such as McCloskey and den Dulk. The depth of their experience and associations within the dairy and farming industries, combined with the geographically-diversified nature of their operations, give them a unique national presence that will prove invaluable in this endeavor."

McCloskey, currently owns and oversees management of dairies in New Mexico, Michigan, and Indiana. He also serves on the board of the National Milk Producers Federation, participates in the Federal Order Policy and Dairy Export Policy committees, and is a member of Bion's Advisory Board. McCloskey also was one of the founding members of the Texas-New Mexico Milk Marketing Agency, which controls the marketing and transportation of most milk marketed in Texas and New Mexico.

den Dulk currently owns and manages dairy farms in California, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. In addition, he raises dairy heifers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.
He is the founder of Select Milk Producers, Inc., currently the 18th largest milk cooperative in the U.S. He also was a founding member of Continental Dairy Products, Inc., and serves as chairman of the board. Continental is a marketing cooperative with members in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

McCloskey and den Dulk are also the co-owners of Quality Milk Sales, Inc. The agency markets milk for the dairy producer members of Select Milk Producers, Elite Milk Producers, and Continental Dairy Products in New Mexico, Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Business Wire



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