HealMax Footbath Concentrate

AgroChem Inc., Saratoga Springs, NY manufactures the HealMax line of hoof care products which are unrivaled in the treatment and prevention of digital dermatitis. Most recently, HealMax Footbath Concentrate, launched in January 2011, has created raving fans on small and large dairies alike, and provides an important product option in the treatment of digital dermatitis "hairy heel warts".

HealMax Footbath Concentrate is a special formulation of HealMax Wart Spray, a topical product which has sold over 12 million applications globally. HealMax FBC builds on the successful formula of HealMax Spray but is specifically designed to work in the highly variable conditions of a footbath. HealMax FBC is tough on digital dermatitis yet gentle on dairymen and their herds. It contains no heavy metals like copper or zinc, formaldehyde, harsh acids, and moreover, it is biodegradable. Finally, there is a true alternative to using formaldehyde for treating digital dermatitis. During an outbreak HealMax prevents the spread of digital dermatitis and quickly promotes healing of existing "wart" lesions. After just 4‐5 days of use in the footbath, dairymen have been reporting significant improvement in the percentage of herd infected with digital dermatitis. Additionally, HealMax Footbath Concentrate promotes hoof hardness, so use of heavy metals like copper sulfate can be reduced or even eliminated.

From a price standpoint, HealMax Footbath Concentrate costs the same or even less than many commonly used footbath products, such as copper sulfate. When looking at the total costs of a footbath program including the cost of lame cows and health &; safety concerns to employees, HealMax Footbath Concentrate provides an excellent option for farms that need safe and reliable products.


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HealMax Footbath Concentrate