Heavy Snow Causes Cattle Barn to Collapse at Minnesota State Fair

( Minnesota State Fair )

A nearly 100-year-old cattle barn used to house more than 1,000 animals at the Minnesota State Fair experienced significant damage after a mixture of heavy snow and rain caused part of the building to collapse on Tuesday.

According to the Minnesota State Fair, snow slipped from a higher section of a nearby roof and landed on a lower section of the Judson Avenue building, causing part of the roof and brick wall to collapse. 

The collapse appeared to affect a 40- or 50-foot section of the barn's roof, part of its brick exterior and some windows, which lay in pile of rubble beside the building, according to MPR News.

"The rest of the building remains structurally sound," the State Fair said in a news release. The extent of the damage to the contents of the building is expected to be determined over the coming days.


According to police, the building is used for storage during the winter. Barb Whiteis, who is on the Minnesota Horse Council, told Channel 5 Eyewitness News that the council uses the building "for vendors and for demonstrations." 

The 1920 brick building also housed the Fair's milking parlor and Moo Booth — an informational exhibit about dairy farming, according to Duluth News Tribune.

Photos of the damage can be seen below:



This dangerous event comes after Minnesota’s snowiest February on record which caused at least 20 dairy barns to collapse, in some cases killing and injuring cattle.

Dairies around the state have also been forced to dump milk due to the accumulation of snow preventing many tanker trucks from getting down rural roads to pick up milk. According to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, the significant amount of barns collapsing due to snowfall is threatening the state's economy.

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