Jaylor Polymer Based Vertical Mixer

The Polymer Based Vertical Mixer is Jaylor's newest product. The patented (and patent pending) polymer UV resistant drum or lining on a Vertical TMR Mixer allows longer wear, less corrosion and expanded life time for the A50 and A100 mini mixers; both have a molded polymer drum, previously all vertical TMR (total mixed ration) drums were made of steel or stainless steel.

Built with the same durability as all Jaylor Mixers, the patented polymer UV resistant drum gives the mini mixer a long wearing corrosion free option; it allows small herd operators to feed TMR. They also allow large herd operators to create special rations for dry cows, heifers and other special needs groups.  This Jaylor addition is intended to target farmers with small ruminants, sheep, goat dairies, small dairies, as well as horses to name a few. An entirely different group that could utilize this mixer is landscapers and municipalities that collect green waste that can be mixed with manure and turned into compost.

They are available in self-propelled, trailer, stationary and truck mounted models.  The trailer models can easily be pulled with a 4 x 4 off road recreation vehicle, a pick up truck or garden tractor.  Standard on the self-propelled model is a hydrostatic all wheel drive with a highly maneuverable three wheel system and a narrow width to accommodate tight corners and alley ways.  The driver can choose to stand or sit at his option; and zero degree turns are easily attained.  

The A50 and A100 are perfect for small herds -10 cows per mix.


Go to: www.jaylor.com

Jaylor Polymer Based Vertical Mixer



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