Join Us in Indianapolis for AgTech Expo Next Week

Most farmers around the country are out of the field, finally. While harvest is over and farmers turn their attention to next year’s growing season, why not also invest in your business by learning more about up and coming technology in agriculture. The Farm Journal AgTech Expo is happening next week, Dec. 11-13 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Farm Journal AgTech Expo provides a 360-degree, customizable learning experience for farmers and retailers. There, producers can send time focusing on all practical aspects of technology, not just data. You’ll also have unparalleled access to new and innovative technology products and company experts.

In addition to hearing from industry-leading presenters, Farm Journal AgTech Expo attendees can choose from a two-track schedule of learning sessions covering topics such as:

  • the latest techniques in precision ag;
  • innovative software to help maximize farm management and accounting;
  • using benchmarking data to compare prices and performance in the field; and
  • the latest in driverless and other automated equipment.

Whether you're a novice, an early adopter looking for the next big thing, or somewhere in between, Farm Journal AgTech is your go-to source for technology between the rows, in the cab and in the office.

Registration is still open! Visit to register.

Why not join us in Indy next week? AgDay Meteorologist Mike Hoffman is predicting another cold week with lake effect snow possible in parts of the Corn Belt, so you won’t want to be outside or in the shop anyway.



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