Krone introduces Comprima F 155 XC round baler

Krone added to its round baler line with introduction of Comprima F 155 XC.  The new model is a fixed chamber baler with a semi-variable bale size, producing 4" wide and 39" to 60" high bales.  Operators can manually change bale size with ease by adjusting a set of pins toward the rear of the baler. The EasyFlow wide pick-up eliminates the need for a cam track, resulting in less wear and faster pick-up for higher throughputs and increased efficiency. The X-Cut knife system contains 17 knives that produces bales ideal for TMR mixers. The knife drawer folds down hydraulically from the tractor cab to allow any blockages to pass through to the baling chamber, eliminating the need to get out of the tractor to remove a blockage. An innovative Novogrip Press System is made of various layers of fabric and rubber to provide strength and durability. This model contains the simple-to-use Beta monitor, allowing the operator to make multiple adjustments from the cab, maintain bale counts and more.  




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