Kylie Needs A Boost To $1 Billion

Drought, tariffs, trade wars – there’s a seemingly bottomless vat of depressing news. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see Americans pulling together to right an injustice.

The latest Forbes magazine cover “America’s Women Billionaires,” features a photo of Kylie Jenner, who will soon be a billionaire, but currently sits a cool $100 million short. What!? The 20-year-old Jenner, the youngest member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, is not a full-fledged billionaire yet? The horrors!

Thankfully, at least one person is doing something about it. The Instagram account of one fan calls it “heartbreaking” Jenner’s bank account is a little light.

“I don’t want to live in a world where Kylie Jenner doesn't have a billion dollars,” the post says. So, a GoFundMe page was launched to help raise $100 million for Kylie.

Okay, so the account was set up to mock Kylie and her frivolous lifestyle, but incredibly over the first five days 150 people had donated about $2,000!

The larger debate – though still frivolous – is that Kylie, the 20-year-old daughter of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and half-sister to the Kardashians, has parlayed her reality TV fame into a cosmetics empire, which, according to Forbes, makes her ready to unseat Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as the “youngest self-made billionaire” in history.

Full stop. Can one really be a “self-made” billionaire when you start at third base?

According to a Los Angeles Times report, “Jenner is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics with virtually no employees or capital. Kylie Cosmetics launched two years ago and has since sold more than $630 million worth of makeup.”

Wondering what all this has to do with beef, or agriculture? Well, if you’re like me you probably wouldn’t recognize Kylie if she walked in your door. But, consider this: Kylie has 111 million Instagram followers! That’s equal to one-third of the entire population of the U.S. I would wager a majority of those followers care more about Kylie reaching the $1 billion net worth threshold than they do about drought or trade wars affecting your farm or ranch.

Much as we might like to ignore Kylie and her faithful, we must recognize they are our customers. How we engage with them through public relations, social media and the products we offer will have a lasting impact on the success of your business.