Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking system

Like all of Lely's dairy solutions, the new Astronaut A4 milking robot has been developed from a clear-cut starting point: the cow. The robot ensures the highest achievable milk quality while its unique management tools ensure you have full control over your herd.

Every farm is different. That's why Lely delivers the Astronaut prepared for your farm. Today there are two Astronaut A4 models with additional options to meet your specific needs – offering a perfect fit for small and large dairy farms.

The cow
We have explicitly refrained from automating the actions of milking itself. Instead, we've built a system around the most important starting point: the cow. The unique robot arm and I-flow concept allow for quick entrance/ quick exit from the box and are examples of how innovative strategies work to assure cows are milked within a low-threshold system.

Herd management
Lely offers a unique set of tools to manage both milk quality and the individual cow. Management by exception is the new challenge. To facilitate that, we've developed management software dedicated to robotic farming. Your valuable time can be spent on the cows that require the most attention, while you gain full control over the herd.

Milk quality
The unique features of the Astronaut ensure the most reliable detection of mastitis available in today's marketplace. In-line every day indication of fat and protein levels per cow can be obtained through the Astronaut's optional dynamic milking and feeding module. Better quality milk means optimized profitability on your dairy farm.


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Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking systems



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