The Magnificent Seven: Red and White Dairy Cattle

Red and White Cows
( Red & White Dairy Cattle Association )

Developing a “more functional” dairy animal has been a major driver of change in Red and White Dairy Cattle breeding circles over the past decade. “Our animals have gotten bigger and better,” says Mandy Sell, promotions manager for the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association (RWDCA). “We’ve moved away from an emphasis on the really super huge animals that do well in a showring but don’t always perform well in day-to-day operations on the farm. The focus now is on a balanced animal, with a good udder and a long production life.”

In many respects, Sell says, the transformation in thinking among Red and White breeders was due to the ascendancy of KHW Regiment Apple-Red, beginning in 2006. Known for her decidedly dairy profile and amazing udder, Apple-Red produced more than 200,000 pounds of milk during her lifetime. “She and her family have really set the tone for how the breed has evolved.”

On the association level, teaming up with Holstein Association USA on registrations will also help RWDCA breeders continue to move forward. “Up until 2014, our breeders had to have two registration papers,” Sell notes. “Now they only need one. That makes things a lot simpler, both for breeders and dairy producers. With the information we’re able to gather as a result, we‘ll be able to provide our members with more services and products that add value.”