Man Trolls Vegan Festival Attendees by Eating Raw Meat

A man wearing a shirt saying “Go Vegan and Die” protested a vegan food festival by eating a veal heart, angering many of the festival attendees and prompting the cops to show up. ( Sv3rige/YouTube )

Animal rights activists and vegans are known for protesting events where meat or livestock might be present. A man in the Netherlands decided to take a page from their playbook when he stopped by a vegan festival with a slab of raw meat to eat.

The protestor wore a shirt reading “Go Vegan and Die” and ate a hunk of red meat during the first ever Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam.

The man was confronted by police in a video that was posted to YouTube where he can be seen eating the meat:

Later a longer follow up video was posted to YouTube where the user Sv3rige uploaded a video of himself walking around the vegan festival eating a veal heart.

In the video he can be heard saying “it taste good” and some of the people with him talking about the joys of eating meat.

At one point a dog walks by on a leash and starts to beg for some of the meat.

Eventually people tell him he needs to leave. A debate ensues about what is more natural eating a plant based-diet or eating meat.

Finally the cops show up and ask Sv3rige to leave with his camera crew.

Sv3rige has a number of videos on his YouTube channel with the majority talking about his experience going from a vegan diet to eating meat. The video at the vegan festival is thus far his most popular video with nearly 550,000 views.

The full video can be watched below: