Manure Release from Dairy Under Investigation by Iowa Officials

Logo for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. ( Iowa Department of Natural Resources )

State environmental officials in Iowa are investigating a complaint of a manure overflow from a storage facility on a dairy farm.

On April 24, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was notified and began an investigation at D&D Dairy near Charlotte, where there was evidence of manure overflowing from a concrete storage pit. Darryl Banowetz, owner of the dairy, says the overflow began on April 22 and he had built an earthen berm to retain it.

According to a press release from DNR, the manure ran overland to a small tributary of Bear Creek. Test by DNR officials have not shown any fish deaths as a result of the spill, but ammonia levels in the creek are currently elevated.

The case is being monitored by DNR during the cleanup efforts. Appropriate enforcement actions are under consideration by DNR.

Should a manure spill occur on an Iowa farm, DNR encourages the public to report any spills or fish kills the 24-hour spill line at 515-725-8694. Farmers who encounter a spill on their farms must report the spill within six hours of discovery or occurrence to DNR officials under Section 304, Emergency Release Notification.

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