Milk, bedtime story ticket to kids' sleep success

The latest snooze news reveals a helpful duo to help kids drift off to sleep – milk and a bedtime story.

In a new campaign from the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) and TOMA LECHE, a glass of milk combines with a soothing bedtime story to help kids catch more Zzz"s.

To help encourage parents to read to their children, CMPB has teamed up with 2013 International Latino Book Award winner and acclaimed children"s author, Jorge Argueta, to launch to 2013 Bedtime Ritual campaign. Argueta, author of bilingual tales Arroz con Leche, Tamalitos and Guacamole, will bring to life this message by hosting storytelling sessions at select locations in California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Fresno and Sacramento.

Parents can also download other stories onto their smart phones.

"Got Milk? is thrilled that Argueta has joined us in spreading this important bedtime message," said Steve James, Executive Director of the CMPB. "Milk has been a trusted sleep beverage for centuries. The amino-acid trypotophan naturally found in milk helps people relax and improve the quality of sleep, which gives parents yet another reason to make sure it's part of kids' bedtime routine."

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Milk"s role at bedtime has been promoted by the CMPB for months. In March, the campaign launched, aimed at California"s Latino population and hoped to encourage milk at bedtime.

"Duermes bien, sueñas bien — toma leche," one of the advertisements reads. Translated, it says: "Sleep well, dream well — drink milk."

Read, "Milk"s role at bedtime focus of new 'got milk?' campaign."

Research has shown that bedtime routines help kids perform better at school. One-quarter of kids with disrupted sleep had failing math grades. Poor sleep has also been tied to obesity, which can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes over the long-term.



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