Milk more than a prop in SNL skit

Milk didn't play a vital role in the election. But, in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, milk shares the spotlight.

The routine draws on the squeaky clean, Norman Rockwellesque persona that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney portrayed throughout his election campaign.

A recent MSN article featured a photo of Romney with his family the day after the election relaxing with chocolate milk, which he previously had mentioned as one of his favorite indulgences. Read more here.

In the SNL skit, a defeated Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, downs his post-election sorrows in multiple cartons of milk while standing on the balcony of his residence.

"Have you been drinking? You smell like a dairy," asked Taran Killam as Romney"s son, Matt.

The milk buzz runs throughout the sketch, including a tender moment between Romney and wife Ann, played by Kate McKinnon, as Sudeikis" Romney tries to sneak a quick kiss.

When asked to explain "what has gotten into" him, Sudeikis' Romney responds honestly: "I don"t know – maybe 10 gallons of milk."

To watch the entire clip, click on the embedded video above.



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