Milk Source chooses site for new dairy farm in Wisconsin

Milk Source Holdings, Inc. has announced that a site in New Chester in Central Wisconsin has been selected for its next dairy.

The approximately 150-acre site is located just south of County Highway E and just east of Grand Marsh, west of 5th Avenue. In April, Milk Source Holdings, Inc. reached an agreement to purchase 4,700 acres of farm land in Central Wisconsin along the I-39 corridor in the heart of tens of thousands of acres of farmland.

According to Milk Source, construction is expected to start by the spring of 2011 on the dairy, which will house 4,300 cows and 200 steers. It will include:

  • A cross-ventilated free stall barn with a cooling system to keep summer temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler
  • An 80-cow milking carousel
  • A commodity building
  • An operations building
  • Feed storage areas
  • A storm-water detention pond
  • A waste-storage lagoon that will be covered within two years
  • An elaborate sand and manure separation system.

Milk Source, which currently operates four dairies in Wisconsin, expects the investment in the new facility, including cattle and inventories, will be approximately $35 million. The dairy will also provide nearly 40 full-time jobs -- with health benefits and a 401K plan -- on the farm and dozens of other construction jobs.

The yearly local economic impact of the farm is estimated at approximately $15 million. An additional benefit to local growers is that each cow yearly would produce the equivalent of 1.3 acres worth of organic fertilizer, which adheres to sandy soil better than chemical fertilizer, increasing crop yields.

Typically more than 30 permits and approvals are required to construct a new dairy. Milk Source will be working with local, county, state and federal agencies to make certain all the permitting and approvals are in place.

In addition to the dairy in New Chester, Milk Source is studying the feasibility of a similar dairy in the Richfield area, with construction starting by the spring of 2012 or 2013.

Milk Source Holdings currently operates four dairy farms in Wisconsin. Milk Source Genetics is 50 cows, Omro Dairy is 2,700 cows, Tidy-View Dairy in Kaukauna is 6,800 and Rosendale Dairy in Pickett is 8,000 cows.

Source: Milk Source Holdings