Milker training videos

(Editor's note: This item is from a weekly blog written by Tom Wall, president of Language Links and Dairy Interactive, based in Green Bay, Wis.)

It almost always comes when you're going away for a few days or when you have a million other things that have to get done.

As you're running around trying to get all the original things crossed off your list, now you've got one more headache you don't need. 

So what should you do?  First, remember... "This too shall pass."  Next, back to reality.

The reality is that you still have to rearrange the current schedule to cover the "old guy's" shifts, and on top of that you also have to hire a new guy.

So once the dust settles and the new guy starts, how much time and effort do you invest in making sure he knows what to do, how to do it, and why it's gotta be done that way?

Not enough, right? No problem. Thanks to the Dairy Coach videos, milker training just got easier.

Check out the two Milker 101 training videos below: Bacteria, Mastitis, SCC  and The 6 Tasks of a Milking Routine.

Each video is now available in both English and Spanish for just $55 and comes with a follow-up quiz that helps hold your employees accountable for what they learned.