Milkworks®The Milkworks® is the latest technology offered in the Dairy Tech, Inc family of colostrum management products. The Milkworks® is a cutting edge tool that offers dairymen a simple process to deliver maximum Ig to the calf:

  • The Silver Model is designed for rapid cooling of colostrum to slow the growth of bacteria before the product is stored in the refrigerator or freezer.Milkworks®
  • The Silver Model is also designed to efficiently and safely thaw and warm colostrum so that calves are fed the proper volumes in an appropriate amount of time. The active warming is 4X faster than traditional methods that put the delicate Ig proteins at significant risk.
  • The Gold Model takes these advantages a step further by incorporating sophisticated control options that permit colostrum pasteurization as well. Colostrum must be managed using the Perfect Udder® colostrum bags that enable for pasteurization, storage, reheating and feeding all from the same container.

Milkworks®The two Milkworks® models will be found on large dairies where constant preparation of colostrum is a must for high calf numbers, but it will also be found on small to mid-size dairies where the ability to pasteurize small volumes of colostrum is critical for the successful management of calf health.


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