Minnesota Milk Producer of the Year is Hinckley Holsteins

Dale and Marlys Hinckley, Chatfield, Minn., have been farming for over 30 years, and now sons Adam and Matt have joined the operation. The Minnesota Milk Producers Association named their farm, Hinckley Holsteins, as "Producers of the Year" for 2014 at the Minnesota Milk Dairy Expo held last week in St. Cloud, Minn. A video revealing the winner for the first time was shown during the meeting's annual banquet, the evening of Wednesday, December 3.

While Dale and Marlys remain involved in the farm, they are slowly handing over the reigns to their sons. Adam manages employees and will take over dairy herd. He graduated from college before returning home to the farm.

But the brothers" involvement was probably foreshadowed best many years ago, when Matt came home from first day of kindergarten.

That night at the supper table, he told his parents he wasn't going back.

"He laid his fork down on his plate and said, ‘Well guys, I decided I'm quitting school because I'm going to farm with you,"" Marlys said in a video about the farm.

The farm consists of almost 4,000 acres of cropland and 400 cows in southeastern Minnesota.