Monsanto to discontinue Decisive semen

Monsanto Company announced today that it will discontinue its development of Decisive semen for advanced gender selection in cattle. The decision was made after performance in large-scale field testing did not meet rigorous product standards set by Monsanto.

Decisive technology was designed to efficiently sort male and female sperm cells on a large scale to allow dairy producers to select the gender of a calf prior to artificially inseminating a cow.

The performance standards set for Decisive technology required that it would increase the probability of having a female calf from an artificially inseminated cow from 50 percent to 85 percent, with reproductive performance as effective as current artificial insemination (A.I.) programs and no special requirements for use. No other available A.I. technology is capable of consistently delivering these results.

In 2005, after promising results in pilot-scale tests, Monsanto announced the initiation of large-scale field testing with Cooperative Resources International-Genex, a leading A.I. company. Monsanto chose to stop large-scale testing when initial results did not meet rigorous Decisive performance criteria. The project was discontinued after determining the technology could not consistently deliver fertility equivalent to conventional A.I. semen within the planned timeline and commitment of resources.

Monsanto Company




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